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Stack Dust Monitoring

Stack Opacity Monitor DSL330

The DSL 300 Particulate Monitor is an optical instrument designed to measure the concentration of dust or particulate matter in an exhaust gas passing through a duct, stack or flue. The DSL-330 uses the double pass light transmission measurement technique, with a folded beam Transceiver/Reflector arrangement. A light beam emitted from the Transceiver(TRX) passes across the duct, stack or flue to a Reflector, which then returns the light to the Transceiver where the intensity of the received light is measured. Increased particulate density in the stack gas attenuates the transmitted light and causes the intensity of the received light to fall. When Calibrated against standard reference measurements, the reduction in intensity can be used to calculate the particulate concentration and present a reading in mg/m3.

Parameter Comment
Measuring Principle Light Transmission
Operating Wavelength 510 – 540 nm (green LED)
Measurement Reading Concentration (mg/m3)
Measuring Range 0 – 1000 mg/m3 (user configurable)
Path Length (duct diameter) 0.5 – 10 m (flange-to-flange separation)
Accuracy + / - 2 %
Resolution 0.1 mg/m3 (display resolution)
Damping 1 – 60 s (user selectable)
Drift with Temperature + / - 2 % (over 20 °C)
Voltage +24 Vdc (optional 90-260 Vac PSU available)
Nominal Current Consumption 400 mA
Power Up Current Consumption 400 mA
Purge Air Supply Volume 50 – 200 L/min (to each air purge body)
Purge Air Quality Suitably filtered, oil free and dry
Serial Comms ModBus RTU via RS485
Internal USB (OI)
External USB (TRX)
Analogue Outputs 4.0 – 20 mA (isolated and scalable)
Relay Contacts 3 A @ 30 Vdc (signal level and service alarms)
Ambient Operating Temperature -20 – +55 °C (air temperature around the equipment)
Exhaust Gas Temperature Up to +600 °C (heat insulating gaskets included)
Ambient Operating Humidity 0 – 100 %
Ingress Protection IP65 for external use
Materials 316 Stainless Steel (powder coated)
Dimensions 153 x 120 x 122 mm (measuring head)
Weight 2.5 kg per head
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