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Ambient Dust Monitoring

Online PM10, PM2.5 dust monitor

Monitoring and Sampling

The SM200 provides both automatic monitoring of particulate matter as well as sampling of air on filters. Standard 47 mm filters are used.

Real-Time Particle Measurements

The SM200 can generate real-time data using particle counting. A laser diode based particle counting system is placed before the sampling filter. The number as well as the size of the particles are measured. The real-time data is calibrated using the results from the beta attenuation measurements.

Beta Attenuation

The SM200 is an automatic particulate monitor for monitoring of PM10 and PM2.5. A filter is loaded into the filter magazine and a Geiger counter detects the beta attenuation before and after sampling. The measurement time of the instrument is 8–24 hours

Why Choose SM200?
  • A cost-effective solution for particulate matter monitoring and sampling
  • Real-time measurements of PM10 and PM2.5 based on particle counting
  • Meets the new regulation for automatic monitoring of PM10 and PM 2.5
  • Meets the new regulation for sampling on 47 mm filters for further analysis of cadmium, nickel, PAH and other substances
  • Samples at ambient temperature – no need for correction factors
  • International Approvals : Approved by TÜV, MCERTS, and CNR among others
  • Reference sampler according to EN 12341,when equipped with 2.3 m3/h inlet head
  • Two in one Analyser : Automatic measurement of particulates PM10,PM2.5 and filter sampling unit with Standard 47 mm filters
  • Facility of particulate matter sampling on filter membranes for further analysis of Lead , Benzo(a)Pyrene, Arsenic, Nickel and other substances
  • PM10 head, PM2.5 or TSP head, designed for either 2.3 m3/hour or 1.0 m3/hourReal-time particle monitoring option with laser Diode Principle
  • A cost-effective solution for particulate matter monitoring and sampling
  • Real-time measurements of PM10 and PM2.5 based on particle counting
  • Samples at ambient temperature with Temperature Stabilized Inlet Tube – no need for correction factors
  • Built-in Calibration: Span, linearity and zero calibrations are automatically controlled at regular intervals
  • Always provides accurate results, unaffected by both seasonal and geographical factors
  • Extra filter containers minimize maintenance and make changing of filters easy
  • Extensive QA/QC procedures regulate the operation of the SM200 by use of internal sensors such as: External temperature, External pressure, Filter temperature, Filter relative humidity, Filter pressure drop, Inlet flow rate, Geiger temperature
  • Geiger counts, Geiger high voltage
  • Serial Communication – Remote Control : three RS232 serial ports for connecting the SM200 to a PC, modem or data logger
  • Remotely controlled operation for data retrieval and other operations can be performed at distance, suited for use in a monitoring network
Technical Specifications
Dimensions, sampling module 630 × 440 × 300 mm
Dimensions, pumping module 310 × 280 × 250 mm
Weight, sampling module 25 kg
Weight, pumping module 10kg
Voltage supply 230 V/50-60 Hz
Power consumption 800 W
Display LCD, 4 × 20 characters
Keypad Membrane
Data storage 120 days (based on 24 h sampling)
Serial interface 3 × RS 232
Analogue output 0 –10 V/0–20 mA
Digital status output Closing relay
Degree of protection IP 20
Operating temperature +5˚C– +40˚C (+40˚F – +100˚F)
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